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Punk Pirate Productions [Various]

contact Troy (Punk Pirate Productions) at troyhobbins(at)  or FaceBook : Tranvestite Hobsticle 
Troy was another ziner I met at the Canberra zine fair. He immediately struck me as a funny and likeable chap, and I was sure that whatever zines he produced, I would enjoy. My gut feeling was correct!

Industrial Back Alley is full of cool primitive drawings, absurdism and corny puns. A sauce bottle says, "The ladies think I'm quite saucy." There's a drawing of four lamps, beneath it says, "This is a picture of Uncle Lamp and his crew. Boy they were a shadey group." It's all mad but pretty cool at the same time. This made me smile on the bus (and there's not much of that going on at 8:00am).
Pub Scrawl - Troy combined his two favourite hobbies - drinking in pubs and writing - to create this zine, made the night before the Canberra zine fair. "Don't plan, just do!" says cartoon Troy. "Words of scattered wisdom from someone who just does things." This one -even more so than his others - really looks like it was made in no time. Normally that's bad news, but Troy is funny and likeable so manages to pull it off.
Sandwich With a Side of Time - Inside: accidental KKK reference; Ideas to Spice Up Your Day;  short film idea (breakdancing zombie pirates); Troy likes the word 'what' because it has 'hat' in it. "If the 'w' was silent, people would say, hat did you say? hat are you doing? hat are you on?" ... [it just occurred to me that Troy's favourite rap album has gotta be Dr Dooom's 'First Come, First Served']
The Thoughts of Switchblade - subtitled 'A Vast Tale of Unresolved Resolution Extracted From the Mental Catacombs of Walter L. Switchblade', this is yet more undiluted madness (the good kind). Example : "If I was a super hero I think my power would be to spawn saucepans to cook things on and feed 'em to my enemies to poison them, then throw frying pans at them to confuse them while someone else shoots them."

We must follow the career of this promising young fellow!
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