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72 pages, A4, $5.00 from David Puckeridge, PO Box 491, Harbord NSW 2096, AUSTRALIA 
David works in a warehouse of a major tourist attraction west of Sydney. Since he deals with cardboard boxes every day, perhaps it was only a matter of time before he got the idea of making a zine out of this stuff.
David's got all the usual suspects of cardboard box art represented here, including such classics as This Way Up, Please Recycle, and Fragile. But there's a whole other world of cardboard box art: crossed-out knife-wielding hands, dripping umbrellas, warnings to store below a certain temperature, and crossed-out shoes (Do Not Step On!). Some images I can't figure out (eg. no hooks?) My favourite image in here is of a vampire, below which reads '8 x 50 COUNT'.
A very unique zine this one, no doubt about it.
Tags: box, david puckeridge, reviews

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