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Goofy Funnies #2

32 pages, digest, $2.95, Dexter Cockburn, thecomixcompany(at) 
Thirty-two pages of awesome smutty comix here. Before the X-Rated shenanigans begin, Butcher Bob gets Petey Pig to help him make hot dogs, then Stonie Moronie wants a new radio (or toaster, haw!) because the one he's got only gets bad news. 
Next up Bosco the Bear makes sure Junior Ranger Becky has an eighteenth birthday to remember.
Fudster Pudwhacker busts two young girls with his treehouse porn collection, and in another story orders Chinese (with Suk Mee and Cream of Sum Yung Guy on the menu, ding dong!)
Dexter's comix are so great. Funny and totally hot, and his art is to die for .. I mean cum for!
Ultra mega highly recommended for discerning comix perverts.
Tags: dexter cockburn, goofy funnies, reviews

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