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Spunk Comix #2

32 pages, digest, $0.50 (?!), from Dexter Cockburn, thecomixcompany(at) 
This one gets straight into the horny hi-jinx with no beating around the bush (wait, let me put that another way...)
Pop ('Man of the Year!') checks out his daughter Tootsie's slumber party. Tootsie's snuck out to meet her boyfriend but her four girlfriends keep him occupied (cock-upied?) so he doesn't notice.
Lifeguard Pippa Creme saves Rusty from drowning. In this story there's not so much mouth-to-mouth as mouth-to-everything-else.
Fudster Pudwhacker's working at an ice cream joint but the boss berates him for being a slacker so puts his teenage daughter Trixie in charge. Together they make a porno banana split.
But wait! There's more! Not least of which is the mega bizarro back cover featuring Twinkle the Kid (a giant Twinkie?) and a bunch of girl guides.
Dexter's stuff is wild, and most definitely Adults Only.
Tags: dexter cockburn, reviews, spunk comix
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