blackguard23 (blackguard23) wrote,

Blue Okoye #1

 24 pages, digest, $1.00 from Uzodinma Okehu, 3425 Fulton Street #1, Brooklyn NY 11208, USA + okehi(at) 
An odd one this - comics art cover and couple of images inside (the author admits in the intro to have drawn comics previously), but mostly short stories/anecdotes, in a quite literary style, parts of it hard to understand. The parts I did understand referred to menial jobs in bookstores mostly, and a couple of chapters about a kid he knew back in school who was rumoured to have a colostomy bag, and thus was a total outcast and object of disgust.
At the end of the zine it says these writings are from 2008-2009 which makes me wonder if Uzodinma's still making a zine.
This one would be recommended for the more literary-minded ziners out there.
Tags: reviews

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