blackguard23 (blackguard23) wrote,

Watch Him Bleed #1

 28 pages, half digest, $2.00, Ivana Stab, PO Box 466, Darlinghurst NSW 1300, AUSTRALIA + ivanaforpresident(at) 
Ivana Stab, 21, born in Former Yugoslavia, moved to Sydney age 9, studies politics at uni, doesn't eat meat, atheist, nails almost always painted, short hair, tall... Pretty cool intro page. Every ziner should do this. Or maybe it's just my obsession with lists.
Ivana makes a case for the power of women with the examples of Courtney Love, Nancy Spungen and Yoko Ono, since these women are hated by some for 'destroying' their men, or relationships with other men, or whatever the case.
Then she writes about a sleazy man on a late night train with her, pretending to ask her about the next station then suddenly putting his hand between her legs, and the revulsion she felt afterwards. Even worse, she saw him again.
She also writes about her last boyfriend and the problems they had. She cheated on him, he overdosed... I got the feeling it wasn't a match made in heaven.
Ivana also tackles the traditional boys-chase-girls-girls-don't-chase-boys 'rule'.
Loads of riot grrrl power attitude here. Pretty cool.
Tags: reviews

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