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YouthQuake #1 : Issues With Food

20 pages, digest, $2.00, youthquakezine(at) 
The anonymous ziner (at the risk of making an ass out of u and me, I'll assume it's a 'she') has a terrific snappy writing style with buttloads of wicked humour and attitude. She's researched such food items as Hot Chips, and Peanut Butter & Chocolate (with the latter, her extensive testing and experimentation has come up with the ideal ratio: half chocolate and half peanut butter).
Another article reveals that food is better when it's not actually food (eg. Wizz Fizz), or when it's pink ("Have you ever eaten something PINK & felt a blinding rage to punch someone in the ovaries? Well, you're fucked. Pink makes me fart fairies.") or when it's melting.
A two-page spread proves that food is cuter in Japan (although, is there anybody out there who doesn't know that yet?) Photos courtesy of Amy Robertson of Waku Waku, another awesome zine I reviewed here. (But did I get her name wrong?! In my review I called her Amy Richardson!)
In 'The Waitress Whinge', the author skewers hospitality industry workers, describing them as "general wastes of life", however at the time of writing this she admits to having just quit after working 7 years in the same industry.
I loved 'The Strange Fruit Project' where Dragon Fruit, Custard Apple and Star Fruit are sampled and judged.
There's more really great stuff in here too, like 'Why I Don't Hate Fat People (Any More)' and 'Tales From My Drunken Stomach'.
This zine is so damn great I wanna write the words 'awesomeness squared times infinity!' a million times. In caps.
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