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Blue Floral Gusset

16 pages, half digest, $1.00, spurzine(at) + Spurzine, PO Box 41, Flinders Lane VIC 8009, AUSTRALIA 
This zine has gotta be a contender for having the most fall-off-your-chair awesome opening line:
"My now ex-psychologist asked me a couple of years ago whether I taped my cock to my legs before getting dressed."
The anonymous ziner is a transvestite with no desire to take female hormones, nor get his sausage and meatballs chopped off.
He writes about an imminent trip to Darwin, and having checked out online photos of the hotel and local culture, wonders how he's gonna deal with the wearing hardly any clothes thing. He decides he's going to have to shave his legs.
This was fascinating reading for me, and even though I can't identify with the desire to wear female clothing, I can identify with parts of the zine, like where the author mentions "a few ugly encounters with thugs..." Where I grew up, you fit in, or looked 'normal' or you had trouble. When I got into punk and hardcore music in the '80s and started wearing vinyl pants, army disposal shirts and dog collars, I learned that to some thuggish fashion police, this was inappropriate attire and deserving of blunt and swift violence. One memorable evening my girlfriend and I were chased through the night by at least 20 rabid douchebags, alternately screaming "FAGGOT!' and 'LESBIAN!" In hindsight it's funny in a dumb idiotic way, but at the time it was terrifying.
The title of the zine comes from the author and his flatmates' weekly Doctor Who nights. He loves the beanbag, but beanbags don't go so great with skirts, so his flatmate will occasionally say, "John... I can see your gusset."
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