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Ninja Sushi #2

24 pages, digest, $? by Kapreles, Postbus 100, 2000 Antwerpen 1, BELGIUM + kapreles(at) 
It was a Great Mail Day to receive Kapreles's new zine! The next morning I was reading it on the bus and the woman next to me couldn't keep her eyeballs from constantly wandering over to it. I felt great! Like I had some one-of-a-kind publication in my hands, with powerful, hypnotic images blasting from the pages captivating my helpless fellow busriders.
It's not surprising. Kapreles's drawings are so bold and strong they do indeed seem to jump off the paper they're printed on. And the world his characters populate is so strange and threatening. Heads grow out of armpits, hand puppets stab their owners in the face, and sweat (or blood) pours out of many of these tormented characters. But the art is so clean in its awesome way it seems to balance the darker side of what's being depicted.
Ninja Sushi #2 also includes some very funny absurdist writing, like the review of The Social Network by Mr. Cornflake (before he went to see the movie).
Tags: kapreles, reviews

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