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Foragers #2

16 pages, digest, $? by Jaimie Hashey 
I haven't seen the first issue of this totally cute and charming comic, but this issue gives some background. It's set on a farm and the humans have vanished. The animals have busted out, night has fallen and beside the pond with the noisy bullfrogs they discuss the situation and try to figure out what happened to the humans. Some animals (like Shylo the rabbit) are glad the humans are gone, but others, like the domesticated cow (Georgia) and chicken (Sally) miss them, well at least the children. This issue ends with some of the animals making it back to the farmhouse to search for clues, and food!
I love the art, and the whole thing seems to be coloured with coloured pencils.
Foragers completely charmed the socks offa me. (And wife Jojo was thrilled that one of the animals, a guinea pig, is called Jo-Jo!)
Unlike Butt Rag Mag, Jaimie's other zine, this one is suitable even for the munchkinheads.
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