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Things have been kinda slow around here lately since Jojo and I went up the coast for a holiday last week. (It was pretty cool. One night we stayed in an Indonesian-style place in Byron Bay with outdoor toilet, bath, shower, lizards and a snake.)
Also, we're moving house next weekend. That's a big deal for me since I've been living in the same shoebox since 1995. Anyway, this whole week I'm gonna be packing up boxes of books, zines, videogames, DVDs and a bazillion other bits and pieces. I started yesterday. One of the shittiest things so far was last night while I was going through one of the paper piles, I found a bunch of zines I haven't reviewed yet. So if you're reading this and have been wondering when that slackass jerk Stratu is gonna get around to writing about my zine already: apology! I have put them in a special packet at the head of the queue.
On the plus side, once we've moved I'll actually have a proper workspace! Even a desk! Woo hoo!
/busts into totally spazzy dance moves

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