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Greetings. I'm Maxwell Black, twin brother of Stratu. My brother started a comix anthology called Sick Puppy Comix in 1996 and published thirteen issues. It was a magnificent publication and gained a deserved cult following. However, my brother became a religious idiot after experiencing something extraordinary - this experience was too much for him and he subsequently conducted himself like a total jerk. I confronted him on this (during a vicious thunderstorm in the family's mountaintop retreat) and he lashed out at me like a mad bastard. I was forced to defend myself and in the ensuing fracas I snatched a heavy, blunt objet d'art from a nearby bureau and slammed it into my brother's skull, laying him flat, and senseless. Seeing my brother lying there on the floor, blood flowing from that mad, born-again head, I felt sick and full of sorrow. I fled, sobbing, from the house.
I must carry on my brother's work. I will continue, but now with a new name: Blackguard!
Tags: blackguard #1, origin

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