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Meniscus #17

36 pages, digest, $? c/o Brainstorm, 1648 W. North Ave., Chicago IL 60622, USA + hadmatter(at)
Besides doing Meniscus, Matt is also a reviewer for Xerography Debt. He gave Blackguard #2 an awesome review, so receiving his comic in the mail was tricky. Was I obliged to give it a great review even if it sucked? Hell no! I couldn't do that! I'd chop my damn fingers off before I did that, man. But it sure fucked with me before I read it. So thank god Meniscus was really great. (In fact it made me depressed that it was up to #17. How the hell am I gonna get the other 16? It's not gonna happen, is it?)
The main theme of this issue is that the comic store (Brainstorm) that Matt started working at, then later became co-owner of, is in danger of having to close down as a result of the shitty financial crisis, and distributor dramas. I got pulled in real fast. Great writing and cool art, plus Matt comes across as a real likeable guy.
On the one hand I tip my hat (or more accurately my 'Hard Wars' baseball cap) to Matt for getting to issue #17, but on the other hand it really sucks that I didn't get in on the action back when he started it. (What the fuck was I doing?) It would be great to see how Meniscus (and Matt's life) has developed and changed, progressed, or whatever you call it.
I've read a few other reviews giving the thumbs up to Meniscus and now I know why. It's bitchin'!
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