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Happy New Year! Apology For Break In Transmission!

Happy New Year to all readers and zine comix pals!
There's been no action here for weeks on account of moving house and internet. The internet dudes told me it would take 10-20 working days to get the internet happening. That's a long fucking time, man. Other tech traumas that happened at the same time: my mobile phone died, then I got a new one, but the day after that the sim card imploded, or whatever it did. Home phone also died, got a new one, but when somebody tries to call us they go straight to robo voice mail, the phone doesn't even ring. (But apparently that's got something to do with the switch over from Telstra to TPG, blah blah blah...)
What a tale of woe, eh? Boo hoo for me!
My computer was also in the shop getting de-virused and operating system upgraded, and that was returned today. How wonderful it was to find the internet had been finally connected! In this day and age, being without the internet really fuckin' sucks.
Anyway, everything's back to normal now so I can get back to the reviews and all the other fun stuff.
Plus! I'll be stepping up calls for contributions to Blackguard #4 (the Fear issue). One or two-page B&W comix strips wanted! Single page colour strips too.
Finally, my Paddo PO Box will expire in April so stuff can be sent there still, but I'll be getting a Marrickville PO Box soon (I hope!) so will let you know when that happens.

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