blackguard23 (blackguard23) wrote,

Zombre #1

16 pages, half digest by Ansis P. siransalot(at) for ordering info, you can probably get a special deal for both Zombre #1 and #2
This one is darker than Zombre #2 (review here), but maybe I'm only saying that because I think some baby birds got eaten. What happens is, Zombre appears, stumbling around, scaring national park rangers, then meets another monster (Slappy) who seems to be a bad influence on Zombre. A park ranger is holding an umbrella over a nest on the ground with two baby birds, and I think what happens is Slappy encourages Zombre to eat them. It was kinda hard to tell what was happening. Anyway, Zombre seems to get fed up with Slappy's nastiness toward the end and they fight. The comic has a really weird and funny ending though with one of the park rangers gets found in his cabin busily drawing pictures of Zombre. The walls are covered with 'em. Haw!
Tags: ansis p, reviews, zombre

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