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Psionic Plastic Joy #16 Fall 2010

12 pages, tabloid size newsprint, $2.00 (US) or $3.00 (World) from Jason Rodgers, PO Box 8512, Albany NY 12208, USA 
Editor/publisher Jason Rodgers has taken a stand against technology. He has no truck with such time-wasters as mobile phones, email or the internet, yet somehow he finds readers and contributors for his zine. How does he do this? Such a question might be sincerely asked in this day and age. How can anybody live without such technological necessities, eh? It doesn't seem possible. How does he communicate, fer Pete's sake? Well, few may remember, but the postal service is capable of transporting items other than books from Amazon, you know!

In this issue: Jason finds out that Wired magazine (no less) is now on his side, publishing a cover story, 'The Web is Dead'! Then he writes about his recent investigation by the US Postal Service, who withheld some mail art mail, along with an item by a noise sadist, and instructed him to report to their regional office.

The rest of the zine is filled with a mesmerising array of cut & pasted collage, drawings, strips, and articles about reports of death camps being built in the western US, and the abundance of books that continue to be published warning against the perils of technology, yet always end with a shrug and an "Oh well, what are ya gonna do?"

PPJ16 winds up with a terrific interview with Reality Impaired Recordings' Stan Boman. The first compilation CD they released included "hardcore punk tracks next to power electronics tracks, metal tracks next to noise, absurd folk next to sound collage." The interview ranges from music (black metal fans are musically broader-minded than punk rock fans) to favourite zines and cut 'n' paste aesthetics vs. desktop publishing software.

PPJ has very quickly become one of my 'most-looked-forward-to' zines.
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