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Scene Mean


16 pages, 105mm x 75mm, by Mel Stringer, perfectnoseclub(at) +
Thank the Gods of Olympus for SZR and the 'review' of Mel Stringer's zine by Simon Gray. All I saw on the SZR blog was Mel's 'Baby Shower' drawing (above) and that did it. It was so goddam funny I knew I had to find out more. ... Mel Stringer? Where had I seen that name before? ... Clicking the link took me to a review of the zine by Simon Gray. The review made little sense, seeming to defend 'hipsters' who were allegedly made fun of in Mel's zine. Simon also spells 'zines', 'zeens'. That was another clue that the reviewer was not a reliable source...
Anyway, Scene Mean is a collection of drawings of young folk, mostly texting or talking on their iPhones, but one or two interacting live and in real time with another young folk. It's hilarious and funny as hell. I KNEW I had seen Mel's work before, somewhere. Turned out that she was one of my favourites from fellow Brisvegans, Phatsville Comix! (reviews here and here).
I wanna get a bunch of these to send out to my zine and comix pals! I gotta get her in Blackguard!
Tags: mel stringer, reviews, scene mean

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