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Razorcake #60

116 pages, magazine size, $4.00, Razorcake, PO Box 42129, Los Angeles CA 90042, USA +
I first  read about Razorcake in Snakepit, Ben Snakepit's diary comic. The arrival of a new issue of Razorcake was always a big deal for Ben, so I had to check it out for myself. It was cool to find out they did zine reviews so I sent a Blackguard along. Sometime later I received a copy of the latest Razorcake in the mail. I wondered about it, I knew I hadn't ordered a copy. But guess what? They send you the issue if a review of your zine is in it, and that's no small deal ok because this thing is CHUNKY. And international postage is a fucking killer. So, I thought these guys are pretty cool.

From the cover you would rightly guess that Razorcake is mainly a punk rock zine, and that's true, but there's also a bunch of other cool stuff, like columns and comic strips. Then there's a HUGE record reviews section, followed by a smaller zine and book reviews section.

Anyway, I haven't read this issue yet, that's gonna take some time because as I said, this is one chunky motherfucker. (But I'm really looking forward to reading the feature, How To Start Your Own DIY Record Label.) I mainly wanted to plug it immediately because if you haven't got at least one issue of this terrific zine, now's the time.

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