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Human Waste #7

84 pages, magazine size, $?, Brent Moore, 752 Sage Apt. #4, Elke NV 89801, USA
If I told you that Brent's latest comic is about how awesome his life is, that everything worked out with him and Carri, they're so in love and have the most perfect relationship, and not only that, but he got a new job, his DREAM job, you wouldn't believe how great and wonderful his life is now, what would you think of that? Do you wanna read about somebody whose life is perfect? If you do, you're SICK!
Anyway, Brent's latest comic is nothing like that, in fact it's even more grim and depressing than his last one, the autobiographical story that this issue is the second and final part of.
Once again Brent uses a combination of comic strip and typewritten text (there's even one page that is nothing but a huge block of typewritten text). His art is kind of primitive yet distinctive - he's got his own style which is very appealing. And his writing is strong and utterly compelling.
It might be very fucked of me to admit that I'm glad that Brent has such a grim life and writes and draws with such brutal and unflinching honesty about it. Might be? No, indeed it is definitely very fucked of me to admit that, and that I feel that way. But I will also say that I really hope things improve for him and he gets himself into a good relationship with a good woman because if anybody deserves it, Brent does.
"Anyone who has ever spent any considerable amount of time around me would say it's like spending an evening with a cold, dead fish, and I'd have to agree. The band doesn't strike up a number, fireworks aren't deployed, it's just me and my hate for humanity preserved in this tainted package."
I can't recommend Human Waste highly enough. Make sure you get HW#6 too since this is a two-part story.
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