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Toil #3

48 pages, digest size, $2.00 or trade, Power of Paper Zines, Kimberlee Esguerra, 2901 Osage Ave SW, Albuquerque, NM 87105, USA + powerofpaper(at) +
This is the 'Travel For Work and Relocation' issue. It's got a story by The Cheeze about the time he was on a flight from Denver to Philadelphia and an elderly Indian woman dropped a steamer in the aisle on the way to the toilet (how was this possible? The Cheeze figured the lady wasn't wearing underwear beneath her sari) and the subsequent clean-up operation.
There's a short interview with professional stuntman Kurly Tlapoyawa, who also puts on an annual independent film festival with Troma's Lloyd Kaufman.
Next up, a hilarious and venomous open letter to the Fort Worth Industrial Workers of the World from Mike Baker. Is Mike Baker the new Jim Goad? (And does anybody know how to get some zines off this guy, because I've tried three times but keep getting my goddamned letters 'returned to sender'.)
Kimberlee's story, 'On Carpooling" illustrates the potential horrors of this fuel-saving activity, and made me realise why you see so many cars with only one driver driving to work: people can't stand each other.
Margrit Eichler contributes a story about when she was in a kind of glam garage band called Raven's Nest and they went on tour. Weird band politics out the wazoo, since two of three guys in the band are gay, and so are the crew, both parties of which idolise lead singer Kyle, except for straight band member Shawn, who frustrates Kyle because his manly charms don't work on him. Haw!
In the back of the zine are short bios of all the contributors, very cool to have in an anthology.
Toil totally rocks and I'm looking forward to #4!

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