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Yo! Burbalino #6

28 pages, digest size, by Greg Farrell, doctormobogo(at) + 
This issue is mostly taken up with a long story that begins with Chef Don and Earl Squirrel watching TV. Their favourite show 'Captain Bionic' is on, but right in the middle of it the TV signal dies, so they play some videogame billiards, joined by flatmate Ronnie Randerhoeven. But then the TV itself breaks! Well, what else to do but hit the pool hall, where Ronnie gets shitfaced almost immediately then creates havoc at the billiard table, not least of which by knocking out some of Chef Don's teeth with a mis-aimed billiard ball, at which point it's off to the dentist for Don, while Earl Squirrel takes off to try and buy a guitar from a pawn-shop owning walrus. There's much more to this story, and the part where Don goes tripping under gas in the dentist's chair was really cool.
At the end of this issue is a two-pager, a true story flashback to Greg's childhood, playing on the floor with his toys and his mother watching TV, he believes he hears her say, "I hate you, Greg." The following panels are heartbreaking - in one, Greg's mother abandons him in a basket on a river; in another she jumps out of the car just before it goes over a cliff with Greg still inside. Snapping back into real life, he stutteringly asks what did she say. "I said I hate Hugh Grant."
For some reason this issue didn't hit me the same way Y!B#5 did, but it's cool that Greg's mixing it up. And I still absolutely recommend you get every issue he puts out.
Can't wait for #7.

Tags: greg farrell, reviews, yo! burbalino

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