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I'm One Of An Odd Family #4

12 pages, magazine size, $?, meandmyfamily(at)
Another issue of this excellent music zine out of Melbourne.
First up, contributor Weary Indie Hannah interviews US hip hop honcho Goldz Field, a very entertaining one since GF is confidant (his forthcoming album 'Human Hallucinogen' will be "honest and unfuckwithable") and funny (about other rappers who take the easy way out and pitch-shift their voice, he notes, "'s like a ferret with an elephant nose, you look weird." ).
Next up, editor Monty interviews 'progressive noise' artist Scissor Shock (Adam Cooley). This interview was really cool too, with discussion on genres and sub-sub genres; an extremely disturbing album he owns, Dog Pound Found Sound ("Play this while on acid and I promise it will ruin your life. ... I honestly don't advise looking for this. But eh... it's your sanity!"); Insane Clown Posse; audiences ("One time I was playing in my hometown and some guy - in a Ministry shirt, mind you - yelled, "YOU SUCK. FUCKING DRUM MACHINES SUCK." or something. I laughed and said, "You're wearing a MINISTRY shirt, you dipshit!"); and his animations and films ("...aside from 3 or 4 people. no one really cares about my movies round here.")
Both these interviews made me wanna immediately go check out these dudes' work. (Y'know, I only get that from zines these days.)
Two pages of music reviews close out the issue. I was on the bus reading these and I see I've put pencilled notes all over the place - record label No Basement Is Deep Enough (awesome name); Monty's recommendations of Suicidal Rap Orgy and Butchers Harem; his review of RaaskalBOMfukkerZ - Primitive Manifesto 7". Monty's reviews are fucking great. So is his zine.
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