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Volcano Beckons

Okay, here's the latest episode of the Blackguard #1 print drama for those masochistic enough to still be following (namely, I'm guessing, my dear and long-suffering contributors):

I called my print dude on the phone and said, Look man, what's happening? I'm going to Japan in two weeks so I really need the comics before then. He told me that he had been off sick from work with terrible headaches, but for me not to stress because it would get done. (See, I had told a friend at work about my troubles with Chinese Funbo and he said man, you should have come to me sooner! I have a print dude who can do it! That's this guy.) So on the phone, my print dude more or less says that since he's doing this sort of through my work friend, it is a special sort of job, and is gonna be real cheap, and not to worry, it will be done no problem before I zoom off to Nippon. That set my mind at ease once more, but that was early in the week and now it's the end of the week and still nothing has happened. It's sort of funny, isn't it? Sort of makes you want to slam your head into a wall, while laughing that same head off simultaneously. Anyway, I'll call him Monday and promise him that if it isn't done this week, I will go to Japan, hire somebody to videotape me jumping into the nearest active volcano, send the tape to A Current Affair so him and his company will get some very negative, damaging publicity.

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