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Yuck! #4

40 pages, digest size, Adults Only, +
Wow #4 already? Or is time just going faster than I think it is? Regardless, what we have here is a new issue of Mr Slime's comix anthology (although this issue seems to have been compiled by his brother, Dr Dirt - "the disturbed one"). No kiddies allowed on this ride, it's strictly Adults Only (get the munchkinheads a copy of Zombre instead) since you'll find depictions of both male and female genitalia within (the former belonging to a rabbit, and goddamn if it isn't completely out of proportion to the rest of his anatomy).
Some highlights for me this issue: Tom Motley's Jackpot Fantasy (really awesome comix art); Anton Emdin's feminist-riling "Degrees of Separation'; Ben Smith and Jase Harper's '10 Things I Wanna Do Before I Die' (although I believe the girlfriend's little sister in the first panel was 'overdressed'); Craig Collins and Iain Laurie's 'Tourette's Banshee'; and Lark's excellent 'Why Can't I Grow A Fucking Hitler Moustache' (a perfectly valid question in this day and age of the annual 'Movember').
I was gonna note that this issue is a total 'sausage party' (something Sick Puppy was accused of back in the day, not unjustifiably of course) but there is one female contributor here: Scarlette Baccini. Where the hell are all the perverted comix chicks anyway? I know they're out there. You know, you don't have to use your real name. That's why they invented pseudonyms. For comix perverts.
But I digress (I always wanted to write that, and promise never to again).
To sum up: Yuck! is pretty damn cool. If you like comix, you should get it. Although, if you can only afford one Aussie comix anthology, I'd have to recommend Blackguard. But if you got a job and can spring for two, definitely get a copy of Yuck! as well.
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