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Robots Are People Too #4

4 pages, magazine size, $1.00 or trade from Yves Albrechts, Postbus 100, Antwerpen 1, BELGIUM + kapreles(at)
[I'll be goddam motherfucking cornholed if I can find RAPT #2 and #3 which I definitely have here somewhere, but here's #4 hot offa the presses...]
This is the 'Archive Issue' in which Kapreles has boldly ventured into his rusty filing cabinet and returned with an historic selection of his drawings and writings. One of my favourites here is an old comic panel, the word balloon hi-jacked to reveal a cop admitting to a bowel movement of staggering proportions and his immediate need of forests of toilet paper.
There's naturally a whole bunch of his distinctive drawings with the big, fat mesmerising lines, and before you know it a text story, in fact a play, about Fuckman and Pornoman, the latter threatening to blow up all sexshops if Fuckman doesn't convince Charlize Theron to 'smoke his cigar' shall we say.
You might be thinking right now that this production is the work of some hunchbacked, comb-overed, drooling freak, but the back page reveals, among other things, a photograph of the author and artist - a handsome devil! Unless he's Photoshopped himself into such an enviable state, that is. What a paradox! Is that the word? It seems right.
Anyway, if you wanna get something cool in the mail, it's right here, and it's from Belgium.

Tags: kapreles, reviews, robots are people too, yves albrechts

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