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Xerography Debt #28

68 pages, digest size, $3.00 from Davida Gypsy Breier, PO Box 11064, Baltimore MD 21212, USA + Davida(at) + 
Xerography Debt #28 and Zine World #30 landed in my mailbox on the same day. Which one to review first? Well, if in doubt, I always go for alphabetical (and I'm not alone! See end of review...)
In this issue:
- totally kickass awesome wraparound cover by Hai Anxieti;
- Davida clarifies XD's relationship with Microcosm in the wake of the flood of rumours and allegations flying around about Microcosm and Joe Biel;
- another instalment of the excellent 'Where Are They Now?' series that catches up with ex-ziners to find out stuff like why they quit publishing their zine, what they're up to now, and would they consider doing another zine;
- columns by Dread Sockett (tackling XD's policy of only including positive reviews, and the complaint from some folks that XD reviews the same zines over and over, often in the same issue); Jeff Somers (on why he doesn't write zine reviews); and Gianni Simone ('A Fun Introduction To Mail Art');
- pages and pages of wonderful zine reviews! There's no way you're gonna read all these in one sitting, so this is the perfect reading material for busrides, or the dentist's waiting room!
[Full disclosure!: I am now one of the XD reviewers. A great honour! (good for XD, too - they finally have their 'token Aussie'! (Zine World has Dann Lennard.)) ... And a note on that - I wondered why my reviews were right at the very end of the issue. I'm the new guy, is that it? No, that is not it. The reason is simple: the reviewers appear in alphabetical order!]
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