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Blackguard #2 Reviewed by Jason 'Media Junky' Rodgers

Jason Rodgers wrote some very nice things about Blackguard #2 in his latest Media Junky [#14]:

Adults only on this one. These comix push the boundaries of good taste, in a positive sort of way. Stratu is an excellent editor, providing a great balance of material. Darkness next to light, goofiness next to intensity. He balances goofy, old school underground comix boner/sex jokes material against ultra dark satire (which is often also funny). A good bunch falls between. Each issue of Blackguard has a theme and this one is 'Father', which lends itself to many tales of disturbed and fucked up childhood experiences. The exception is Chris Mikul's piece, 'True Tales of Jerry', which is actually a rather heartfelt biography of his father Jerry. Stratu's 'Inspection' piece has a sort of bizarre minimalism to it as he explains the hair combing regime he had to go through as a child. Josh Simmons's 'Monster' has a similar minimalism, which in this case adds an odd uncanny element to it all. And, of course, Mike Diana presents more tales of cycles of abuse in his unsentimental way. Diana, you may remember, is an underground comic artist who served prison time for the content of his comic zine (apparently he was found guilty of thought crime). I would strongly recommend this comic not only to anyone into the wide and wooly world of underground comics, but also anyone in general. It has excellent production value and content that is challenging and intriguing.

Copies of Blackguard #2 still available - $5.00 postpaid. Cheap!
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