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The Inner Swine Volume 16, Issue 3/4

104 pages, digest size, $2.00 from Jeff Somers, PO Box 3024, Hoboken NJ 07030, USA + mreditor(at) +
Here's another issue of Jeff's now bi-annual zine. This thing is one big ass motherfucker. How the fuck does he get the staples through 'em? Does he have some kind of gas-powered staplegun?
One thing I'll get out of the way first, is that half of the zine is two fiction pieces, which I didn't read. I've read his fiction stuff in past issues and they didn't hook me. But it's the other half of the zine that makes it worth tracking down, and this is the Music issue (but only for a while). The feature here is Jeff's 'Musical Consumption History: From the Columbia Records & Tape Club to Amazon MP3s.'
There's also a bunch of non-music related stuff like a piece on Jeff supporting his wife, The Duchess, and her marathon running activities. Jeff in his boy scout days. Also, 'Four Reasons Why Terminator: Salvation Made Jeff Angry'.
As usual Jeff reprints reviews of TIS, including a rather unflattering one from maximumrocknroll: "This issue continues his trend of getting less interesting as the years go by, and you can bet not a moment was wasted/invested in the editing process." To which Jeff replies, "Holy shit, you're supposed to edit a zine? This my friends, is news to me. I think we have the advertising slogan for 2011 sewn up here: THE INNER SWINE: CONTINUING THE TREND OF GETTING LESS INTERESTING AS THE YEARS GO BY!
I guess some zine reviewers have been around for as long as Jeff's been pumping out his zine, and you know what they say about familiarity breeding contempt. But Jeff's cool, and smart enough to embrace both good and bad reviews.
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