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krazybov #4

52 pages, free, 
Don't be deceived by the cover - it looks like this thing could be pretty cool. In fact, it's the exact opposite of pretty cool.
The first warning sign appears on page two - a colour ad for some cliched-looking alien/superhero/whateverthefuck website-only comic turd called Wayward Sons. Then, an ad for a hipster nerd clothing company! (Aha! So that's how they can make this paper turd free.)
A brief word on the comics herein - they're all varying degrees of awfulness. It's painful to read them. And one of the artists' style is a complete rip-off of Frank Miller's. That's probably all you need to know right there.
Editor Bov calls his anthology "a platform for the next generation of comics creators". I say there are generations and there are generations. This generation is the Anti-Crumb.
But wait! There's more! Classifieds in the back, only two pounds fifty for 140 characters! Here's one: "Strong Lifts. A simple effective method to build muscle & lose fat while getting stronger." Here's another: "Rampage Network, for all your webcomic hosting needs."  Webcomics? Webcomics suck ass.
Idiots with no taste whatsoever can like 'krazybov' on facebook, follow it on twitter, or befriend it on myspace. Spoilt for choice, you lucky devils!
/kills self
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