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Foragers #1

16 pages, digest size, $? by Jaimie Hashey buttragmag13(at) 
It was so great to receive Foragers #1 the other day. Jaime sent me her second issue late last year, reviewed here, so it's really cool to finally see the beginning of this cute as heck farm animal story.
One morning Jo-Jo the guinea pig, Max the horse, Shylo, Hugo and Bruno the rabbits, and Sally the chicken all wake up one sunny morning on the farm waiting for the humans to come around with their breakfast. But where are the humans? Midday passes so the animals bust outta their cages and pens and head to the field to get something to eat there.
This is all totally G-rated, one of those rare indie comics you can read with the munchkinheads.
Tags: foragers, jaimie hashey, reviews

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