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Blackguard #1 ETA OMFG

The lines of communication with my printer have miraculously opened! I got an email today letting me know they were all printed, just had to be guillotined and whatnot, and that they're gonna deliver them to me at work tomorrow! Which is perfect timing because tomorrow night I'm meeting up with Chris Mikul, Ross Tesoriero, Glenn Smith who were all in Blackguard #1 and who only have a copy of the rushed and cocked-up Newcastle version, so I'll be able to rectify that. On Monday I'm going to mail everybody else's out. Yay! Then Tuesday I'm off to Japan to track down a Japanese contributor! That would be pretty cool. Maybe I'll even bump into Trevor Brown! Speaking of whom, now would be a good time to post the image he made for Sick Puppy #12 [May 2001]. It will be a treat if you've never seen it before! Wait until you get home though, maybe.

Tags: blackguard #1, trevor brown

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