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Phatsville Comix #16

64 pages, digest size, $?, for ordering info email >>> phatsvillecomix (at) 
Since Phatsville #15 came out, P-Ville editors Giles and J-Stew visited the US, mainly to attend the San Diego Comic Con (July 2010). Strips about their visit are real highlights, like J-Stew's traumatic tale of trying to get a big cup of coins changed into paper money at their Hollywood hotel. Then Giles's strip "Ill Communication' about comical plans to make sure they don't get lost or separated at the massive comic convention. As usual, there's some very funny interactions between Giles and J-Stew, like the routine about J-Stew secretly wanting to be a boy wizard. The strip 'Snorin' USA' has J-Stew driven so insane by Giles's snoring he stabs him in the forehead with a pencil. And the hilarious 'Accents' is about Americans not being able to understand anything J-Stew said.
In my review of Phatsville #15 I mentioned that the lack of an index made it hard to figure out who did what. That seemed to work (or somebody else's suggestion did) - an index has been added this time around. Yay! All they need to do now is to number their goddamn pages! Y'hear me, Phatsfolk?!
There's an excellent strip by Giles, 'Those Legendary Dreamkillers', about his love of this Brisbane band.
A pleasant surprise  was Dambinatrix's strip about what it might be like if your fingers had personalities and could talk (her strips in past Phatsvilles were usually among my least favourite).
Shaun Craike contributes the bizarre 'A Li'l Bootleg Teepee Story' (featuring Teepee, a Benjamin Sea character), easily the most warped and wonderful strip this issue.
This has gotta be the best Phatsville yet. It seems that Giles and J-Stew have really tightened things up, editorial-wise. There's only a few misses here, but the bulk of it is fucking kickass awesome great (especially the 'Giles and J-Stew in the USA' strips).
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