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Robots Are People Too #5

6 pages, A4 size, available for trade or IRC or nice letter from Yves Albrechts, Postbus 100, 2000 Antwerpen 1, BELGIUM 
Here's another issue of Kapreles's newsletter-type zine (it's stapled in the top left-hand corner), full of his unique art and humour.
Inside, a bunch of drawings and gags, news about his new book Ninja Sushi; also, he found out there's a comic book called Robots Are People Too, then goes on to mention other publications that share the same name. One of them, namely Fuck, which some of us older zine motherfuckers know of as being a zine published by Dr Randall Phillip, but nowadays that name has been taken by a poetry zine (I've seen it reviewed in Xerography Debt and Zine World).
Anyway, this is a pretty cool thing to receive in the mail, but it would be even cooler if Kapreles used actual postage stamps. Come on, dude, let's see what sort of stamps Belgium comes up with, eh?
Tags: kapreles, reviews, robots are people too, yves albrechts
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