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Romp #1

40 pages, digest size, $5.00, by Aaron Lange, 1524 N. Palethorp St., Philadelphia PA 19122, USA + aaronlange13[at] + 
Just when you think you know porno comix, along comes a porno comic to blow your mind and make you realise you don't know fuckin' shit.
I was completely unaware of Aaron Lange until Dexter Cockburn very kindly sent me the first two issues of Aaron's Romp comix. Romp #1 contains some of the most unique and twisted comix I've ever seen. Examples: brother and sister incest as a political message; two career girl pals, one with a complexion problem which the other solves with her (raspberry vodka-flavoured) urine; Adolf Hitler's pussy art; Pop Rocks used as sex aid; and recurring character Hesh's frustration at waking prematurely: "I can't believe I woke up during the best dream ever! Sex on top of a unicorn! Not even video games offer such delights!"
There's so much more in here and it's all great. Smutty, provocative, intelligent, witty, and all drawn in an awesome, retro style. Greatness.
Tags: aaron lange, reviews, romp, the comix company
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