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Media Junky #15

12 pages, digest size, $1.00, stamps or nice letter, Jason Rodgers, PO Box 62, Lawrence MA 01842, USA
Wall to wall zine reviews, every one has a real physical postal address - none of this email-only bullshit.
The zines Jason reviews range through conspiracy (9/11 Investigator), ethical anarchism (The Match!), bleak comix (No Hope), artzines, perzines, punk zines and a whole shitload more, all cut 'n' pasted then laid out over collage backgrounds. It's fucking cool, a terrific resource, and perfect busriding reading material. Those other Dingleberry passengers get so envious when they see me with one of these, it drives them fucking nuts because they can't download it, and it's not a fucking 'app'. Haw!
Tags: jason rodgers, media junky, reviews
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