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MCA Zine Fair 2011

Last Sunday was the third annual MCA Zine Fair and this time I got a table. Huzzah!
First of all I gotta say how much improved the organisation was this year compared to last year - they took my (and others', most likely) suggestion to next time get ziners to fill out an application and send their zine along to make sure real actual ziners got a table instead of crafty badge-sellers. There also seemed to be less tables/more space to move around in this year, which made it easier to check out everybody's wares. So kudos to Melinda from the MCA who organised this one.

David Puckeridge was already there when Jojo and I arrived, but we still had 45 minutes to set up, so we got to it. The night before, Jojo had made some cool red cardboard triangles to write the names of my comix and zines on. (She fuckin' rocks.) >>>

David and I shared a table: Table #23! Next to us was Table #24 which remained empty all day. I will not name and shame that ziner here (although table numbers went along with ziner profiles in the Zine Fair booklet handed out at the door), but anyway, our table turned out not to be in such a great position. Jojo reconnoitered the room and returned with intelligence that there was another empty table in the middle/back that was getting much higher traffic, so halfway through the day we moved over there.

I went on a photo mission at one point and took some pics (like the one at the top) just from a distance, not up in anybody's face or anything, which I gotta get better at. I'm too fucking nervy, man. I need to do some meditation or shit. Anyway, here's the two best ones >>> 

Damn! I only noticed this dude when I looked at the photos two days later! If I hadda noticed his expression I wouldda gone up and talked to him. I wonder what his zines were like?

Here's the other one >>>

Later, Jojo took my camera and got some really cool pics. She actually went up to folks and asked if she could take their photo, so here's some of those. First up, Trevor Dickinson who makes the awesome Newcastle zine and 100 Letterboxes of Newcastle which I got recently and will review here soon >>>


And here's SCAR >>>


Chris Mikul >>>

The Sticky crew >>>


Vanessa Berry and Simon Yates (reviews of his excellent zine, Hobby Horse coming soon) >>>

I didn't make much of an effort to score zines myself since I've got enough I haven't even read, not to mention get around to reviewing, but here's a photo of what I did get, reviews of which will be up pretty soon. >>>

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