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Sacrifice #1

40 pages, digest size, $?, edited by Robert Inhuman >>> robertinhuman[at]hotmail.com
[Another zine sent to me by xxxxx (thanks dude!)]
Yeah this zine is kinda old I guess, since it's from October 2007, but so what since it's got such bitchin' interviews and other cool stuff in it.
Editor Robert is from Cincinatti, Ohio and aside from this zine he runs a record label called Realicide Youth Records.
The first piece in here, an interview with Justice Yeldham (AKA Lucas Abela) has gotta have the greatest opening question ever:
Robert Inhuman: Let's start with the obvious... how long have you been working in the medium of glass and sex lubricant and what brought you to these materials?
Lucas has travelled the world with his unique performance where he rubs a sheet of glass over his face, the glass being connected to a contact microphone and the sound processed through a multitude of effects. Robert asks him if he ever got hurt (sometimes he got so into his performance he chewed chunks out of the glass sheet), but aside from some small scratches and lacerations on his head and hands, the worst injury was when he was supporting a hip hop crew whose audience didn't dig his version of 'beat-boxing', so the DJ cut the sound and started spinning his own records, and when Lucas realised this he ran over and "smashed my glass sheet over the dude's beloved decks, scratching his stupid record and stopping his stupid music." The "hipidy hoppers" didn't take too kindly to this, the result being that almost the entire crowd started shaping up to him, but luckily the smashing of the glass badly cut one of his fingers and blood was pissing all over the place - "this made the AIDS-shy flip floppers back off a little and enabled me to escape to hospital." Awesome interview.
Also interviewed in this issue: Halflings (NYC powerelectronics); Vankmen (Sacramento gabber speedcore); Gordon Ashworth (AKA Oscillating Innards, PDX harsh noise); a Lydia Lunch interview; and a whole bunch of cool drawings by Mister Ben S of Freezer Burn zine.
And there's even more! Dude, this zine is so chock full of awesomeness. Real hard to put down. I read this on the bus and have to summon titanic willpower to not throw a tantrum because the bus has pulled up at my fuckin' stop way too fuckin' soon.
Well, now I gotta find out if there were any more issues of Sacrifice published...


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Jun. 14th, 2011 07:23 pm (UTC)
A Lydia Lunch interview you say?? I've been a massive fan of hers for years, even got to see her play live (about 15 years ago) ... she played at a large pub venue, and there wasn't all that many people there, and unfortunately I was so excited about seeing her I was throwing back the drinks like there was no tomorrow, and by the time she came on I was so drunk I barely remember anything!
Jun. 15th, 2011 04:24 am (UTC)
Yeah she's interviewed by a guy called Bryan Saunders ("a spoken word (Stand-up Tragedy) artist from Johnson City, Tennessee") - great intro about how he discovered her then questions about public psychotherapy, masochism/sadism, and spiritual intent.
I sure do know what you mean about getting too fucked up to enjoy a show. I usually have to keep one eye closed by the time the main act comes on, otherwise I see twice as many people on stage. Even recently at a doom metal gig at the Manning Bar at Sydney Uni, I tried to keep my beer consumption to a 'sensible' level, but it didn't work. It doesn't help that I'm a nervy sonofabitch when it comes to social situations. Plus I was by myself because the only other friends of mine who wouldda come were over at the Sando seeing the Hard Ons, the rotten bastards.
Anyway, I hope Lydia Lunch comes out here again so you can see her properly and remember the details!

Edited at 2011-06-15 08:33 am (UTC)
Jun. 15th, 2011 06:34 pm (UTC)
I'm a repeat offender, you think I'd learn my lesson! I vaguely remember bits and pieces of seeing The Butthole Surfers, Rob (my husband) reminded me that we had been to see The Jesus Lizard, and I didn't even remember GOING!!
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