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Laser Stan

52 pages, half digest size$? Cameron Baker >> cameronbaker[at]
[Sticky sent me this one too. You guys rock.] 
Laser Stan is a daggy looking rabbit-headed character, he is a "goodie", he's got LASER VISION and can fly. But he's up against evil monkeys (why? we never find out.). They're "baddies" and can fly too (plus they can shoot unlimited ninja stars from their hands) just like daggy but super-powered Laser Stan. I'm changing his name to Loser Stan. It's more appropriate. Loser Stan heads to the monkeys' evil headquarters. Monkey-hating Stan attacks the monkeys, ripping them to pieces with his laser beams (the cunt). Then the monkey captain in desperation (all his monkeys have been slaughtered) sends out his ULTRA KILLER VELOCIRAPTOR METEOR but naturally Loser Stan (Douchebag Stan?) destroys him too. What a badass. In the final fight, the monkey leader in a robot suit takes on Stan. No prizes for guessing who wins.
To sum up, we don't give a shit about Laser Stan, we don't know why the monkeys are evil. In fact I'll bet that most readers would be on the monkeys' side.
The drawing is OK, and it's in colour, all pretty easy on the eyes, but that's worth nothing when the content is so damn lame.
P.S. It also comes with a dumbass poster, you lucky devils.
Tags: laser stan, reviews, sticky institute

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