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Cyberdelic Future #2

12 pages, digest size, 
[Another one from my comrades at Sticky.] 
From issue #1 to issue #2 this zine has descended from a well-written manifesto with some cool art to a nauseatingly hippy dippy pukefest. Check this out for example: "Forget the doom and gloom peddled in newspapers and television and paint a rainbow on your life. Fill your world with glitter and make every day sparkle with fun and joy." Yep, that's the spirit! Bury your head in a bucket of fairy floss, inhale deeply, and pretend that life is all rainbows and unicorns. But you had better get the most out of that ridiculous sugercoated worldview while you can because time will surely fuck that shit up and drag your glittery head out of the unicorn's ass.
Too harsh? Well, the zines ends with some 'advice' on how to spread P.L.U.R. (Peace, Love, Unity and Respect):
- There's no such thing as too much glitter!
- Bake cupcakes and share them!
- Blow bubbles!
Shit, dude, if I woke up one day to find every single person in the world behaving this way I'd fucking KILL myself.
Tags: cyberdelic future, reviews, sticky institute

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