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Super Busy

32 pages, digest size, $?, by Rowan Tedge >>> try Sticky for ordering info 
[Thanks a million to Elle at Sticky for sending me this.]
Pretty damn accurate title. "Super Busy" might even be an understatement, there's so much happening on each page. Worlds. Planets. Civilisations. Potato-like creatures with bulging eyes spray aerosol cans in each others' faces and play the drums. Trolls or witches eat smaller, weaker lifeforms. Flowers run, flee, afraid, crying.
It was cool to read in an interview with Rowan that he draws his stuff on the train to and from work. Cool to know that some one using public transport is doing something more interesting than fiddling with their Dingleberry or i-Spud.
Tags: reviews, rowan tedge, super busy

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