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Sprak! Vol.2 #7

32 pages, digest size, $?, trades ok, Kami, PO Box 278, Edwardstown SA 5039, AUSTRALIA + cammy[at] 
Do the names Fred Olen Ray, Ted V. Mikels, or Andy Milligan mean anything to you? Do you remember the good old days when choosing a videotape to rent was easy, since all you had to do was look for the 'Banned in Queensland' sticker? Are you more likely to be drawn to movies with labels that warn of "High level violence, language, sex scenes, and nudity"? If you answered YES to any of the above then have I got a zine for you! It's called Sprak! and here's the latest issue. Kami's got a cool and kicked-back reviewing style, and never an issue goes by without me noting a bunch of these 'rough diamonds' to track down.

Movies reviewed: Bronx Executioner [D: Vanio Amici, 1989], Puppetmaster [D: David Schmoeller 1989], Puppet Master II [D: Dave Allen 1991], Puppet Master III - Toulon's Revenge [D: David DeCoteau 1991], Puppet Master IV [D: Jeff Burr], Puppet Master - Axis of Evil [D: David DeCoteau], SuperVan [D: Lamar Card 1977], Housewives From Another World [D: Nicholas Medina 2009], Revenge of the Creature [D: Jack Arnold 1955], The Eroticist [D: Lucio Fulci 1972], Death Ring [D: RJ Kizer 1992], Scream Dream [D: Donald Farmer 1988], Trailer Park of Terror [D: Steven Goldmann 2008], A Lizard In a Woman's Skin [D: Lucio Fulci 1971], The Mummy's Kiss - 2nd Dynasty [D: Donald F. Glut 2006], Nixon and Hogan Smoke Christmas [D: Kevin Strange 2010], Stiff Jobs [D: Kevin Strange 2009], White Lightnin' [D: Dominic Murphy 2009], The Alcove [D: Joe D'Amato 1984], Future Cop [D: Charles Band 1985], Unrivaled [D: Warren P. Sonoda 2009], The Green Monster [D: Bryan Roberts / Nolan Ball 2009]. Future Cop 4 [D: David Nutter 1994], Night of the Living Dead : Reanimated [D: Mike Schneider 2009], Lurking Fear [D: Courtney Joyner 1994].
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