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Envelope By Randy Robbins - July 2011

Here's an envelope from Randy Robbins that appeared in my mailbox a few days ago (containing a letter and the latest issue of Narcolepsy Press Review #7 - review forthcoming). The blackmail cut 'n' paste lettering for the address is a clear sign of going above and beyond the call of duty, and huzzah!, this time none of the letters went Missing in Action (unlike this one).
As for the clippings about the Mormon woman who was held captive and raped, and Randy's 'manipulation' of the text, even though I'm unfamiliar with that story, it seems clumsy and unnecessarily mean-spirited. I think this Atheism obsession of Randy's is in danger of coming across sometimes as no better than the 'religionists' he ridicules. What do you think? I think his envelopes totally kick ass, but this example is a low point.
Tags: envelope art, mail art, narcolepsy press review, randy robbins

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