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Robots Are People Too #7

8 pages, A4 size, free!, but send a trade or friendly letter to Yves Albrechts, Postbus 100, 2000 Antwerpen 1, BELGIUM ... or email for info >>> kapreles[at] 
It's always a pleasure to receive a new issue of RAPT, this "Free newsletter edited by Kapreles in order to keep the spirit of global mail art alive". RAPT #7 features the usual gag cartoons, drawings, and manipulated images (the "I expect your files to be scanned at 300 dpi" - using art from Zack Snyder's 300 - is a highlight). Some cool new additions this time around, one of which is a section plugging other zines, Jason Rodgers's Psionic Plastic Joy and Media Junky, Hiroshima Yeah!, Decades of Confusion Feed The Insect, and my cut 'n' paste zine Grunted Warning. I hope Kapreles keeps this going in subsequent issues. There's also a couple of B-movie reviews - Kitty Killers [dir: Todd Reynolds, 2001] and Ravage [dir: Ronnie Sortor, 1997].
Kapreles is also calling for submissions: drawings, reviews, letters. Send him something! Step away from the machine and grab a pen, paper, envelope, stamps... Aw man, that sounds exhausting! *Blub!*
Tags: kapreles, reviews, robots are people too, yves albrechts

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