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Animal Antics #1

32 pages, digest size, $4.00 by Dexter Cockburn >>> 
Here's a collection of Dexter's strips from other comix he's made, including Goofy Funnies #2, #4 and #5 except for 'Juggs Bunny' which is previously unpublished. But this is a perfect excuse to assemble all his 'furry' comix, which means a bear (Bosco Bear, that is!) getting it on with (human) Ranger Betty, wolf (Wacky Wolf) with bunny (Juggs Bunny), Bosco Bear with Boopsy (a lamb) then Ranger Becky, then a skunk girl (unnamed). It's wild and relentless.
Man, furries would love this. I love this! and don't consider myself a furry... maybe I'm being converted? It's pretty hot anyway. Adults only for sure, it's explicit to the MAX. "It's all happening!" would be another way to put it. Heh heh. And Dexter's drawings are awesome, same with his panel layouts. Fucking cool and hot. (Does that defy the laws of physics?)
Tags: animal antics, comix, dexter cockburn, reviews, the comix company
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