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Oh My! Comix #3

28 pages, digest size, $4.00, edited by Dexter Cockburn >>>
Some really great comix in Dexter's latest anthology, but first of all it's gonna be hard to take your eyes off Kayla Escobedo's terrific cover. And all that crazyass detail in the background, holy shit. It's wild.
Kinda similar to OMC#2, the contributor info page is designed to look like the page of 'adult services' ads you see at the back of the newspaper classifieds section. I love it.
Inside there's comix by UG comix living legend Skip Williamson, Kayla Escobedo, Robin Bougie & Maxine Frank (a sneak peek of their team-up that will appear in Sleazy Slice #5, due out in Feb 2012), Aaron Lange, Dexter Cockburn, Hugh Raine, and a couple of pages by Hugo. Apparently Shug and JB (Jay Bee) are in here too, but there's only one unsigned strip, and it doesn't look like JB's stuff. Um, so I guess that one's by Shug.
Dexter's really got it happening, man. He's prolifically pumping out some of the coolest adult / smutty (whatever ya wanna call 'em) comix out there.
Tags: #2, #5, aaron lange, comix, dexter cockburn, hugo, jay bee, jb, kayla escobedo, maxine frank, oh my comix, reviews, robin bougie, shug, skip williamson, the comix company
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