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Fried Cat Comix #1

[AUSTRALIA] 28 pages, digest size, $4.00, edited by Rick Chesshire >>> friedcatcomix[at] + 
Mega thanks to Glenno for hipping me to this one. I'd heard the name Rick Chesshire but never seen his stuff, so when Glenno brought this along to a recent comix/zine dudes hangout and showed it to me, I was pretty damned impressed, so got in touch with Rick, traded comix, and here we are.
This is like Fried Cat Comix : The Next Generation since he was doing a title with the same name back around 2004/2005. He sent me #3 and #4, back then they were magazine size.
Anyway, it seems that in the meantime he's been doing paid illustration work, but from what I understand, getting paid for drawing ain't all it's cracked up to be. You can't draw what you want, you got jerks telling you what to draw, and to change this or that. Then you gotta hope the bastards pay you for your work. So my guess is that six years of this and Rick thinks, "Man, I gotta make my own comix zine again where I can do whatever the fuck I want or I'm gonna go totally fuckin' INSANE." Whether that's what really happened or not, I'm glad he's back, because his comix zine kicks ass.
First of all, his contributor page is really cool - a three-by-three panel page with each panel containing the name of the contributor, a drawing and a contact address.
Next up a hilarious strip (the highlight of the issue for me, and it's gonna be continued next issue!) by Chesshire called 'Deep Fried Drifters', a story about anthropomorphic fried food and their adventures in a bain-marie at some Sizzler-like joint. Characters include a potato cake, a calamari ring, and an evil chicken parmigana. There's more cool comix by Ive Sorocuk, Jase Harper, and Lluis Fuzzhound.
Since this is a comix zine, there's zine stuff like a column ('Geelong - City of Corpses') about Pete Robinson's memories of murders and murder scenes where he grew up.
There's band interviews, rekkid reviews, an excellent interview with Robin 'Cinema Sewer' Bougie, some cool bits and pieces from Glenno (including a little known fact about 'The Morrissey Meat Tray', a prank that badly misfired on Smiths bass player Andy Rourke).
There's a terrific and savage piece in here too by Dr. Deaf, 'Bogan - The New Black', that takes aim at the current trend of every second cretinous douchebag covering themselves in tatts; tradies and their obnoxious habits (at work and socially, at 'da club'); young women who now rival young men in getting pissed and spewing on footpaths, along with the growth in violence committed by these 'liberated' hellcats; and worst of all, writes the Doc, 'offyafacebook' - "if you want to see bogan behaviour en masse just go there."
The issue closes with another rant, this one by Lucas Barnes, 'JJJ Took My Baby Away'. Any old fart (like me) who grew up with JJJ in the '80s will surely dig this piece. Barnes venomously blasts the shit out of today's 'Triple J', mainly Richard Kingsmill, along with the most overrrated shitfuck band in the universe, Arcade Fire.
That's enough words! How do people write 50 word reviews anyway? I can't fuckin' do it! The end!
P.S. Fried Cat Comix #1 is awesome great kickass and bitchin! Can't wait for #2!
Tags: comix, fried cat comix, reviews, rick chesshire

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