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Narcolepsy Press Review #7

32 pages, digest size, $3.00, US stamps or a decent letter, Randy Robbins, PO Box 17131, Anaheim CA 92817-7131, USA + narcolepsypresszine[at] 
I was really looking forward to this issue since, in a letter to me, Randy promised a 'big scoop' - an interview with Holden Attradies, the guy who wrote a zine called Late Night Cuddle Date. From what I've understood, part of the zine community didn't take too kindly to his zine and really ripped the shit out of him. They got so nasty he totally quit the zine scene. I don't know what he wrote that upset these crybabies, so of course I wanted to get copies of this scandalous zine of his. If anybody can help me out here, please get in touch! Anyway, I sure was looking forward to this interview Randy promised, but it ain't in here. Is it gonna be in NPR #8 or what?
Anyway, aside from that, this issue's got the usual stuff  - a page of atheistic quotes (the more I read these the more I wanna weigh into this theological quagmire, but fuck it, I'm not going there yet, or again, for now, it's too fuckin' complex...); Randy's Top Five TV Shows (and he's welcome to all of 'em, heh heh...); KISS merchandise he's discovered (a KISS VISA card? Why is that not surprising?); his latest list (with pics) of hot babes; some drawings from daughter Tabitha's sketchbook; 10 books he's read recently (it was cool to find out that Ayaan Hirsi Ali has a new book out, 'Nomad'); then a humongous letters section (13 pages!) at least half of which seem to be from prisoners (one of these dudes (Kirk Cockerill) wrote to me recently so that was pretty cool, he writes good letters); then a whole bunch of zine reviews including a couple of pages of images from some of these zines. I always find at least one zine I wanna get. This time around it was The Zine Explorer's Notebook by Doug Harrison, so I sent a trade. There's also a page of clippings. One of 'em I sent, but no attribution! I also sent him a gag drawing and he used that but didn't attribute that to me either. Hey Randy! I thought you understood Zine Etiquette 101! ... Finally there's three pages of zine ads (5-6 ads per page) which is really cool. Ziners send in their ads and Randy prints 'em. More ziners oughtta do that.
NPR is totally bitchin' and well worth your few bucks or trade or decent letter.
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