blackguard23 (blackguard23) wrote,


Isn't it so great when a plan comes together? It's especially great when you thought you were somewhat flailing around like a retard, yet things seem to fall into place left, right and centre. What I mean by all that, is that events following the very recent announcement of Blackguard #1, and the associated attempts at tracking down old Sick Puppy contributors, things are happening fast, with old school comix folk popping up here and there at a perfectly dizzying rate! But by the gods of Olympus it's got me pumped, amped, hyped, stoked, buzzed, and so mightily revved up to the goddam red-line limit that it feels like my skull is about to explode.

Anyway, hugs! to Hugo and Pirochan, my new (old) LJ friends.

I feel like I just beat the level's boss...

... but there are more levels! And more bosses!

Bring it, punk.
Tags: blackguard #1, friends

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