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Lost In The Suburbz #6

[Thanks to Candace at Sticky for sending me this.]

32 pages, digest size, lostinthesuburbz [at] + PO Box 762, Hillarys WA 6923, AUSTRALIA
A perfect example of substance over style, Lost is cut'n'paste text wall-to-wall (except for the gnome pictures on the front and back covers and inside back page). Casual intro like your friend telling you what happened. "Noah was too busy making an album to actually write something this time... Zero has quit the 'zine to start his own 'zine, so this piece will be his last piece in Lost."
Contributor Goth Cunt lists stuff he loves doing, like "watching Titanic the movie just for the one scene where the boat tips and the guy holding the rail falls and hits the chimney stack and goes Ping..."
Zero's Last Words in which he admits he was never technically a punk, which fact will no doubt shock some readers. He's gonna start up a new zine and/or website.
The highlight is 'Things You Never Knew About China' by Little G. It's a list of 30 things. "#4: Apparently Mao bashing, even in jest, will get anyone killed (high treason), so if you can't beat 'em, why not sell out all your beliefs and join 'em! LONG LIVE MAO!" and "#27: One of the provinces in China has allowed to, legally, eat babies. They are a fine meal and most babies eaten are female. So far I have seen pictures of bbq baby, baby stew, and smoked baby. There is a picture of a baby's vertebrae and you can see the limbs of the baby on his plate. Thank god I'm a vegetarian because after these pics, I sure as hell would be." No, this can't be true. He's seen 'pics'. The Chinese may execute 123,000,000 prisoners a year but they surely would not allow the consumption of babies.
There's also an interview with Deron Miller from a band called CKY. I've never heard of them but the interview made me wanna check 'em out.
There's also two very funny 'Perth guides' - the first is where to walk a dog (you gotta make sure to bring a picnic to appease the dog because "the dog has better things to do than hang out with you"); the second is a tour by yourself without a dog. "...keep walking down the road in the direction of Dada's. Throw dirty looks at the people trying to sell you shit." I'm definitely gonna do this next time I visit Perth.
This issue wraps up with a piece about the Gnome Liberation Front. There's pictures. The only images in this zine are of these gnomes, so I figure this story really struck a chord with the editor.
I'm sold on this one. I wanna get the back issues and forward issues.
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