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Biblio-Curiosa #2

48 pages, digest size, $5.00 from Chris Mikul, PO Box K546, Haymarket NSW 1240, AUSTRALIA + cathob [at]
It sure was a pleasant surprise to receive this so soon after BC#1, considering Chris's other zine Bizarrism only comes out every three years.
The first piece in this issue, 'The Strange Case of F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre' fascinated me to very near the degree that the story of Henry Darger did so. Like Darger, MacIntyre was a loner his whole life, although differing in that from his hoarder's apartment in Brooklyn that he never let anybody into (even the super to conduct necessary maintenance) he communicated with the outside world through the internet, promoting himself as an expert on the silent film era of the '20s, also the science fiction community (and was a prolific IMDb reviewer). His manner of dress was unique - "he affected the air of an eccentric Victorian gentleman, and wore tweed suits and riding boots, sometimes a kilt and sporran, and - always - gloves" - nicknamed "Froggy" these gloves were rumoured to conceal webbed fingers, or a terrible skin condition.
The other two pieces in here I did read, but were nowhere near as fascinating as the F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre piece.
But that's just me: obsessive, get/got stuck... BC#2 has colour covers, gorgeous b&w illustrations, and an exploration of T. Mullett Ellis and his novel of "anarchism, free love and germ warfare called Zalma."
Get it.
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